Canine hydrotherapy involves the use of swimming and underwater treadmills to help dogs recover following surgery or injury, and for pets with more long term mobility problems.To ensure safety and appropriate treatment, hydrotherapy should be carried out by appropriately qualified and trained hydrotherapists to improve an animal's function in a purpose built, and suitably heated hydrotherapy pool or underwater treadmill.


Conditions we can treat with hydrotherapy include:The benefits of hydrotherapy are:

• Arthritis
• Hip and elbow dysplasia
• Cruciate ligament rupture
• Patella luxation
• Degenerative myelopathy (formerly known as CDRM)
• Spinal injuries including recovery from fractures and IV disc rupture (commonly known as a slipped disc)
• Spondylosis - spinal arthritis
• Mobility problems related to age
• Obesity control​
• Decreased pain perception
• Decreased pain and inflammation
• Feeling of well being due to release of endorphins
• Relaxation of muscle tension and/or muscle spasm
• Reduction of oedema (swelling)
• Increased range of movement
• Non weight bearing - it is easier and more comfortable to move in water so animals often gain confidence
• Support for weakened or spinal injury dogs
• Increased muscle strength
• Improved muscle patterning and recruitment helping to improve gait patterns (reduction in lameness)
• Improved cardiovascular fitness
• Potentially earlier return to normal activities

Can't I just take my dog in a lake or river?

We definitely recommend that you don't - at least, not for rehabilitation purposes. Hydrotherapy treatment should take place in warm water. In cold water, the blood flow through some blood vessels will be restricted, making the muscles they supply work less effectively. Cold water also increases the chance of sudden cramp or discomfort.

The water in our pool is kept at the perfect temperature for your dog, always kept clean and sanitised. A qualified hydrotherapist will assist in providing the perfect environment for a controlled fitness and rehabilitation regime tailored to your dog's needs.


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